I want to make a candle worth making.

There are too many cheap products in the world, and I want to make my corner of planet Earth just a bit better by producing candles that are worth buying, good for our health, and have a neutral to positive impact on the waste stream.

Our Story

A few years ago I was working from home a lot, and burned through so many candles...it was ridiculously expensive. To save $$$ I figured out how to make my own candles. After a bit, I discovered empty alcohol bottles make great candle containers! The artwork is gorgeous, and it prevents more waste from ending up in the landfill. Now, I make candles for others, too, using the highest quality, safest organic ingredients possible. My fragrances are made phthalate-free, and use health standards far above the industry standard. My soy wax is organic and is sourced from American farmers in Iowa and Nebraska. You'll find my candles smell more natural than any other candle you've owned, and because they are 100% soy, they burn 2-3 times longer than a blended wax candle.

Each bottle is hand cut in my workshop, and all edges are sanded and polished for safety.

Our Team

Owner and Head Chandler

Justin Tappan

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